About Megahard

Technology development

Megahard is a product designer company with a focus on circuit design.

The design service we provide can range from a PCB  to a complete technology development  including enclosure design  and software development.

Research institutes and universities

Megahard has strong roots in the scientific research world. Our specialty lies in the development of apparatus for scientific research and application demonstrators of scientific research. Megahard engineering has years of experience in development of lab and field-ready research tools and demonstrators. 

Circuit design

PCBMegahard engineers have the ability and experience to design analog and digital circuitry. 
For example for very fast and accurate particle physics instrumentation. 

Enclosure design

enclosure design
Not just electronics, but also the packaging that goes with it. All from the same product designer! 

With names, logo and graphics on it.

Software development

software development
Most hardware needs software. Megahard provides software design as part of product development. Be it embedded firmware , visualization on a webpage or PC/Mac software and apps.