Upgrade to Windows 8.1 (You might live a few hours less)

posted Aug 8, 2014, 4:30 AM by G   [ updated Aug 8, 2014, 4:44 AM ]
This is a little story about what happened to me when I obeyed Windows 8.0's suggestion (nagging) to upgrade to Windows 8.1 on my laptop. See it as a warning. 
I thought it would just be another update, but it turned out to be Microsoft's way of robbing me of a few hours of my life for no good reason. 

This is what happened to me and a lot of other innocent people who decided to casually update Windows 8.0 to 8.1: 
  1. Agree to the nagging implying that it's probably a good idea to upgrade. All you need to do is to press a (trap) button. 
  2. Installation takes place. It takes about the time of completely re-installing windows (long).
  3. Windows changed a little. Nothing really noticeable to me, since I use Classic Shell. This tool removes all that is new (and bad) about Windows 8 and recovers all that was good about Windows 7. 
  4. Actually, Windows changed a lot. It became completely useless. Internet stopped working. Completely. After Googling (from my other PC) I found out a lot of people were having similar issues. Some had driver problems, some changed their DNS from auto discovery to a manual (often Google) DNS and some... couldn't figure out what the problem was at all. Like me. People suggested going as far as downgrading back to Windows 8. Which seemed the only option for me too. 
  5. Try to downgrade to Windows 8.0. I had to insert the original installation media again. But Windows didn't want the media on my external drive (guess I had to mount that to make it seem like a DVD). So I inserted the physical DVD that came with my laptop. That was actually the first time I unpacked that DVD.
  6. One hour later Windows was downgraded, internet worked again and all my applications had been deleted. Why? WHYYYYYYYY?! Also, Windows was now in Danish. Now I do love and respect the Danish people (mainly because they build space rockets for fun), but I don't really understand the language.
That's when I decided to type this little blog post and help explain to people what upgrading to Windows 8.1 really means. It means a gamble which results in throwing away a couple of hours of your life and be very frustrated and angry or having... Windows 8.1 which is essentially Windows 8.0 without the nagging to upgrade to 8.1 obviously. Is it worth the gamble to you?