Wireless sensor network

2019 update: the WiseMotesTM concept prototype that Megahard developed with INCAS3 has now been taken to the market by Ingu-solutions.

More information about Ingu-solutions and the commercialized WiseMotes concept.

The WiseMotesTM 2.0 system is an example of a wireless sensor network in an open environment. The user can expand the scope of his own senses simply by scattering sensor motes in the area he wants to measure. On a screen the user can directly monitor the situation in the area. These wireless sensor motes (the motes are the small balls in the pictures) contain sensors that measure movement, temperature and light intensity and send the data wireless to an PC or Mac. The motes are waterproof and can be opened and closed to replace the battery for instance. The spherical shape of the motes has an outer diameter of 28mm. The circular PCB has a diameter of 22mm and contains all the electronics, including: radio, antenna, micro controller, motion sensors, light sensor and a temperature sensor.

These sensors can be used in many applications. Some examples are:

  • Detection of (unauthorized) intruders in any area, without having to use expensive equipment;

  • On site real-time measuring of temperature, transparency and movement in fluid tanks;

  • Mapping the situation in a disaster area with little sight. For instance to determine if it’s safe to enter a room in a burning house, or to determine at the spot if it’s safe to enter a chemical factory after a disaster where hazardous substances have been released.

Beneath this text is an screenshot of the software to read out the wireless sensor motes.

wireless sensor nodes

Above is the graphical user interface of the prototype system.

spherical 2.4 Ghz antenna

Above is an illustration of a prototype of a 2,4 Ghz spherical antenna. This type of antenna has the highest radiated energy efficiency while fitting perfectly into the enclosure of the sphere shaped nodes.